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We truly care about both the environment and our homeowners. We make sure to take all the doubt and uncertainty out of the process, share our knowledge and passion to help homeowners cut their carbon, one home at a time

Homeowner Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it. Take theirs.

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Paul, Toronto, ON

"I ran into Tim Short at the right time. I’m certainly glad I did! My air conditioner died the previous day. I noticed the sign on his front lawn, “,” so I inquired. Tim talked about the benefits of replacing my air conditioner with a heat pump – including lower running costs and reduced emissions. And how it both cools and heats your house. Thanks, Tim."

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‘With the help of Richard Laszlo and Tim Short of, they paved my path for a smooth replacement of my home’s AC with a heat pump that integrated with my gas furnace. They had firsthand experience, technical and market knowledge, that walked me through the process, ultimately introducing me to a local HVAC service provider whom they had already vetted. These two simple steps enabled me to significantly lower my household’s carbon emissions and relegate the furnace to an accessory role in my home’s heating only coming on during extreme cold temperatures. I thank Richard and Tim for helping my wife and me through the whole process.’ 

—Jorma, Alliston, ON

‘I ran into Tim Short at the right time. I’m certainly glad I did! My air conditioner died the previous day. I noticed the sign on his front lawn, “,” so I inquired. Tim talked about the benefits of replacing my air conditioner with a heat pump – including lower running costs and reduced emissions. And how it both cools and heats your house. I then talked to a few friends about installing a heat pump. Most knew little about them, but those that did had already gone the heat pump route. I was convinced. And I had one installed. 
While a heat pump is slightly more expensive than an air conditioner, hybrid versions are considerably cheaper and more environmentally friendly than the old-school version of installing an air conditioner and furnace. Thanks, Tim.’


—Paul, Toronto, ON

‘Working with is invaluable if you want to transition to a green HVAC system. They will guide you through the learning curve of cold climate vs standard heat pumps; high efficiency furnaces that complement your system; on-demand water heaters (electric, gas and heat pump); expected lifespan of your new system; impact on your energy costs; and your payback period. If you complete a Greener Homes Energy audit, they will also help you to maximize your rebates. I couldn't imagine making this investment without them.’

—Darlene, Toronto, ON

‘We turned to Richard and Tim of when we realized that we had the potential to reduce our carbon emissions AND make our home environment more comfortable. Good thing we did! Tim spent time learning about our needs and priorities before offering us recommendations. He also helped us find a very professional HVAC contractor. And it all happened quickly and painlessly. We went from concept to installation in just over a month.’

—Mike & Marisa, Toronto, ON

‘Based on my personal experience I would have no hesitation in recommending for anyone looking to upgrade their heating and cooling needs.
I was very fortunate to be introduced to Richard and Tim from at approximately the time I was considering replacing my furnace and air conditioner. Once they explained to me the benefits of going to an air source heat pump, with an electrical backup system relative to a new gas furnace and traditional air conditioner, the choice was obvious. While the initial cost is a little higher, the overall reduction in energy costs, due to the higher efficiency and Greener Homes Grant, for which I qualified from the Federal Government, will in time almost pay for the entire system. That is something a new gas furnace will never do. In addition to cost I will be significantly reducing my green-house gas emissions. Something we should all be doing in the face of our current climate crisis. 

Besides providing advice, Richard and Tim introduced me to Affordable Comfort, a local heating and cooling company who they personally endorse because of their expertise in heat pump systems and installation. The installation, including the removal of my old furnace and air conditioner, took a complete day. The crew from Affordable comfort who did the work was very considerate and professional. Any inconveniences my family were exposed to were minimal. The inside and outside of my house were left in the same condition prior to the work.’

—John, Alliston, ON

‘The key is that this is a two-parter. You need someone to help you figure out what to do in your house, and then you need a reputable, dependable contractor. Richard and Tim of help with both, easily cutting through the noise to explain all your options and the carbon-cutting benefits thereof, as well as offering up quality installer recommendations. Joe and team were the nicest, smartest techs I've ever had in my house. Going electric is our challenge of the next decade. The process is full of friction - there are way too many hurdles and way too much information to process. Richard and Tim do the work of making this complex, and deeply consequential decision, both understandable and actionable. And they're also just smart and fun people. Which is fantastic. Wish there were a million more of them! Cannot recommend this service enough. But I'll try.’

—Sarah and Ben, Toronto, ON

‘We were introduced to Tim and Richard of by a friend. We met with them twice. Tim came to our home, assessed our heating and cooling equipment and recommended a knowledgeable company in our area specializing in heat pumps. Closer to purchasing we met again via Zoom to clarify any queries we had.  We bought an air source heat pump and an air handler replacing our aging gas furnace.

There have been times when we’ve felt frustrated and defeated that we’ve not done enough to contribute to change the environment. Well this is one thing the everyday person can do. We all need to heat our homes in this country. We now feel satisfied that we have made a positive change for the environment with the purchase of our new equipment.
Thank you Tim and Richard at for your knowledge and generous time. You both are committed to change and sharing your knowledge.’


—Deb and Allen, Alliston, ON


‘In the spring of 2022, my air conditioner failed and I sought counsel from Richard Lazlo and Tim Short at regarding replacement options. I was considering whether to install a traditional but higher efficiency unit and wanted to gain an understanding about this and other options that might be worth considering for my two-storey home. Richard and Tim explained the advantages of the hybrid heating concept in terms of energy efficiency and carbon savings. They also made me aware of rebate programs for these types of systems. I did elect to purchase a hybrid system as my furnace was also close to end of life. The heat pump performed flawlessly throughout this summer’s cooling season and now at the beginning of the heating season, and it’s very quiet compared to a traditional air conditioner. Based on sound advice and assistance from Tim and Richard, I am confident that I made the right and a cost-effective choice.’

—Jasmine, Guelph, ON

‘Earlier this year, I decided to get a heat pump in order to cut my home's carbon emissions. While researching this topic on the Net, I realized that while choosing a heat pump is a no-brainer, the installation needs to be done by an experienced pro and not your run-of-the-mill HVAC tech.

I was fortunate enough to meet Tim Short, who along with his business partner Richard educated me about the benefits of replacing my AC unit with a heat pump configured to work in tandem with my gas-fired furnace, which would only kick in when the temperature dropped below -5 C. Not only that, they referred me to a vendor that had a ton of experience with these types of "hybrid" installs.

Less than two weeks after I first contacted Tim Short, my heat pump was already up and running. Fast forward to today - my home remains just as comfortable in summer and in winter. I sleep better knowing that my home's carbon emissions have seen a significant reduction as have my gas bills. If you had to choose just one upgrade for your home that helps save money and the planet, this would be it!’

—Sanjay, Brampton, ON

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