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About Us

Here, at, we have a passion for what we do. We work with a network of experts in the energy sector and we have over 40+ years of experience in energy and sustainability.


We take all the doubt and uncertainty out of the process, share our knowledge and passion to help homeowners cut their carbon.


We’re Ontario-based — focused on the Greater Golden Horseshoe area.


40+ years

of experience in energy and sustainability

Meet our team


Richard Laszlo

Partner & President

Richard has been working on energy and climate policy and technology for over 20 years with a variety of utility, government and industry clients, and has facilitated and spoken at dozens of events across Canada. Richard is passionate about transferring his knowledge and experience working on carbon reductions with large organizations to help homeowners cut their carbon. 

Richard has an undergraduate degree in engineering physics from Queens, a masters in environmental studies from York, and is an adjunct professor at York University. Richard is proud to be the author of Pollution Probe’s first Primer on Energy Systems in Canada. 

Tim Short_bw.png

Tim Short


Tim’s passion is being a community leader for governments, businesses, institutions and households on how to cut carbon, one home and building at a time. Tim has strong working knowledge and networks in the natural gas and electric utility sectors, renewable energy (solar, wind, renewable natural gas), storage (batteries, Power2Gas), electric vehicles (technology, industry and commercial charging networks), power generation (CHP, emergency generation) and energy conservation including heat pumps.  

Tim holds a BA (Economics) from Queen's University, and an MA (Economics) and MBA from the University of Toronto.

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