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The Launch of

Yeah, it’s just like it sounds. The founding members, Richard Laszlo and Tim Short equipped with over 50 years of collective experience in the energy industry, have just launched a business to help ordinary homeowners lower their household’s carbon footprint one home at a time (OHAAT)

Along with a vetted short list of the best HVAC contractors across Southern Ontario, Richard and Tim help homeowners on a 1-to-1 basis at no cost to sketch out their options to lower their emissions, principly focussing on integrating heat pumps into their home’s heating system

We demystify the journey which has been the missing link to truly get traction in lowering the emissions in the residential heating sector to any great extent. The void up to now has been that nobody typically takes the proper amount of time to sit down with the homeowner and walk them through their options in an objective manner.

CutYourHomeCarbon does this. As we do not sell, install or service equipment nor represent any manufacturer or installer, we are objective. We are completely brand agnostic

Our over-the-phone consultation takes approximately ½ hour or longer if need be. During that time, we help the homeowner define their wishes, concerns and objectives, and then discuss the best options. Then, and only then, will we bring in the appropriate HVAC service provider to work through the finer points of the measures.

To-date, we are seeing a wide spectrum of reasons why homeowners wish to engage our services: lower costs, lower emissions, improve the level of comfort. But interesting to note despite these challenging economic times, the main driver confirmed is hands down to lower emissions.


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